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Best Case



Best Case


  • Genuine bankruptcy software designed for attorneys
  • Includes chapter 7
  • Includes chapter 13
  • Includes federal forms
  • Includes district forms
  • Runs on multiple platforms
  • Includes attorney workflow
  • Includes case management


  • Requires extensive training as you can expect from a robust software.
  • It is targeted only at attorneys, not consumers.
  • It is a desktop application, not web based.
  • At $1,495 for a single license, it is pricy
  • There is added cost for the chapter 13 plans
  • Chapter 13 plans are priced district by district and if you practice in more than one district, the cost can add up.


      Best Case Bankruptcy software is a software application designed for bankruptcy attorneys. There is no consumer version. Best Case is one of several competing attorney bankruptcy software aimed at the US market.

      The company has been around since 1993 making it one of the older bankruptcy software manufacturers in the country. In addition to its line of bankruptcy software products, it has a full complement of bankruptcy law practice tools that include workflow, scheduling, case management, document scanning and electronic filing applications.

      The software employs a client server model, running on a desktop and accessible from multiple devices and platforms.

      We have chosen to review this company's bankruptcy product because while it is expensive, it provides all the functionality an attorney starting out in bankruptcy practice will need.

      Product and Services:

      Best case products include the following.

      • Chapter 7 bankruptcy application
      • Chapter 13 bankruptcy application
      • Credit report workflow import
      • Cyberlink ASP workflow solution
      • Electronic Filing Solution
      • Electronic court mail delivery solution
      • And a case information import and management solution

      Fees and Rates

      The fees ranged from $1095 for a single license to $1995 for a multi-user license. There are additional fees for chapter 13 plans as well as for its other offerings.

      Sales and Advertising Transparency:

      While it is not easy to understand their products from a look at the web site, there is some level of sales and pricing transparency. They do require a customized quote that fall outside their standard price list.

      Customer Service and technical Support:

      Best Case provides full email and phone support.

      Negative Reviews and Complaints: 

      There are a few unfavorable reviews of this company as well as complaints. It is likely that this is in line for the industry. Expensive products tend to garner more complaints that cheap one so this could be a contributing factor.

      Positive Reviews and Testimonials: 

      There are quite a few positive reviews of this company.

      Final Verdict: 

      We like Best Case software for several reasons. For one they have been around for quite a while, though not as long as some of the old-timers like Collier Top Forms. Though there is a learning curve, it is in line for the industry. It also has all the usual tools to make electronic filing and case management easier.

      Reader Comments


      I am considering switching from my current bankruptcy practice software to something else. Has anyone used BestCase?

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       D. Brown 


      I currently use BestCase and I love it; it makes data entry extremely quick and simple. OneTouch is awesome; it takes me less than 30 seconds to file a case and the new improvements for Express Connection and paying online are wonderful. It is also very easy to e-mail case files back and forth. I have recommended it to every practitioner I know and will continue to do so. Their customer service is excellent. 


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