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We do not review every bankruptcy web site in the country and that is for good reason. First, most bankruptcy companies serve small local communities and as such, a review would be pointless since the average reader would not be in their service area. Secondly, we review only established bankruptcy companies as well as bankruptcy lawyers who have a reasonably wide reach.

Although we review some bankruptcy lawyer networks, most of our reviews are of full-service non-attorney bankruptcy companies since these are the type of companies that our readers are interested in. 

We generally do not review bankruptcy software providers. There are several reasons for this, foremost of which is that most so called bankruptcy software are not authentic software, but rather, repackaged blank bankruptcy forms rebranded as software. Take a look around for bankruptcy software and almost everyone you encounter is not real software. They are better classified as bankruptcy kits since kits are a collection of blank bankruptcy forms with instruction manuals.

These days, anyone can download the blank bankruptcy forms for free from their nearest bankruptcy court, so it is pointless to pay for a bankruptcy kit. Do yourself and stay away from bankruptcy software, not matter how slick their advertising is.

You can tell easily tell that a "bankruptcy software" is just a kit of blank forms by their price. They are all priced around $40 to $50. Again, stay away from them.

True bankruptcy software is very difficult to create and can take two or more years to develop. The only real bankruptcy software are the ones made strictly for lawyers. We have included a couple of those in our reviews, for the benefit of our lawyer readers.


Our reviews rely on both the investigation of our professional reviewers as well as on reader comments available on the comment section of our review pages. Because we have tracked the full-service bankruptcy sector for years, we know who the participants are and they know who we are. As such, we are able to get them to give us complimentary access to their member-only sites so that we can see for ourselves how they get the work done. We are also able to get a completed set of bankruptcy documents from these companies so that we can hold it up against the work of bankruptcy lawyers that anyone can get from their local bankruptcy court. 

In fact if you have made your mind that you will prepare your own bankruptcy without help, you can do what we do and that is to go down to your local bankruptcy court and ask to see any bankruptcy document set in their archive. Get a bankruptcy set that has been filed by a lawyer and use it as a guide for your own do-it-yourself bankruptcy.

As we all know, even though bankruptcy filings are public record, no one who has ever filed bankruptcy would want the fact that the filed bankruptcy publicized. This presents us a problem as reviewers. The bankruptcy companies are bound by their privacy policy to not divulge the identity of their customers, so the only way we are able to talk to them is for the bankruptcy company to get their prior consent and even then, their real names are not revealed to us. If you have filed bankruptcy with any of the companies that we have reviewed, or with any other nationwide bankruptcy preparer, leave us a comment in our comment section so that we can include your opinion. 

We urge our readers to refrain from using rough language in their comments. We also will not tolerate anyone using our comment section to promote their own company or to spam us with promotional material.


Our stars rating is a compendium of editor reviews as well as past customer feedbacks. We seldom give out a perfect 5 stars but it can happen. More typically though, we consider 3 stars to be good and 4 stars to be very good. If a company has earned 4 stars instead of a perfect 5, not reaching the 5th star simply indicates that they have some minor area they can improve. It is usually not with the quality of their work but is more often relating to sales transparency, ease of use or some other intangible that has no effect of the quality of the work.

Finally, we urge you to use your own judgment to decide which of the companies to use. Just because we give a company 4 stars or recommend them does not mean that they are the right fit for everyone. If in doubt, contact them and ask them your questions before ordering.

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